Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter Walk in Goldstream Park

There comes a point when you think you just have to get outside.  We had a break in the weather, just a slight drizzle of rain but otherwise a great day to go out for a walk.  Goldstream Park isn't very far away but it makes you feel like you have left the city behind.  Of course everything is green, we live in a rain forest after all.  There were so many birds out flying around, making lots of noise.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as we were.  It is amazing how peaceful and relaxed you feel as soon as you go for a walk.  Funny thing is there was a sign that told us to be quiet, hmmm I could use a sign like that at my house.

Quietly we continued on our walk, enjoying the different colors of leaves and the stream running past us.
It is moments like these that I wished I could paint or at least sketch.  I can take a pretty good picture but oh how amazing it would be to draw that scene.  Perhaps in my next life I will be an artist!  I digress, so on we continued, until we came upon the visitors centre.  By this time it was getting chilly, so we had to stop in for a hot cocoa.  Not only was the coca delicious but we also found the centre was very informative about the spawning salmon and subsequent eagle salmon feast.  Hundreds of bald eagles come to eat the salmon once they have spawned in the stream.  
Now that we are completely relaxed it is time to head home.  Back to the real world, laundry and getting ready for another work week.  Good night Sunday!

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