Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Itching to get Digging

I know it is only February but my gum boots are dry and my gardening gloves appeared at the back door as if they were beckoning me to get outside.  We did have one glorious sunny 55 degree day and I was out there digging and moving rocks until dusk.  I think I really needed the Vitamin D.  I am moving one of the flower beds to make room for a new garden shed which we will start building in March.  This is the bed I was working on.  Plants and rocks were moved and the new tool shed will go up against the fence.  Of course I will have to have some pretty little stained glass windows in it.

This little Anna's Hummingbird was watching me the whole time I was outside.  Every time another hummingbird came by he chased it away.  He even looks a little grumpy in this picture!

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